Dream on

My question from last week was “What is next?”  Well, I am slowly receiving a message about a God-sized dream.  Actually I am sure it is a big message, but I am only starting to open my eyes and see glimpses.  Sometimes first glimpses are very blurry and foggy.  “Am I really seeing that or is it a dream?”  I am hoping that it is God’s dream for my life and just not my imagination.  I guess the reason I am questioning it is because I cannot imagine whatever God has up His sleeve for me.  I am starting to have ideas but maybe I am crazy!  But I do trust God and I know His plans are much bigger than I can ever imagine.  So….dream on!

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Getting started

What is next?  Life is so unpredictable, but God is the constant!  I thank God that He is in control and NOT me!  I have learned the hard way, but the keyword is “learned”.  I have learned to “let go and let God.”  Of course, it is a learning and growing process every day!

Because I have more “free time” on my hands now, I have chosen to focus on God and work on my relationship with Him.  Even though I worked at a church, I now realize that I was “working” for the church and NOT working on my relationship with the owner of that church..God!  I was too busy doing….but not growing!  Like I said, I have learned the hard way.

But I am ready to move on, to whatever God has planned for me.  I am listening and waiting, but I am not good at either one!  They are both new concepts and experiences for me.  I am the “go and do” kinda gal.  But at this point in my life, I am not sure what direction to go or what I “should” do.

So back to the first sentence….what is next?

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